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Elevating Your Legs to Help with Circulation

In the past few blogs, we have discussed some ways to increase circulation in your legs, ankles and feet. Proper circulation in your legs is so important to help and/or help prevent venous conditions.

One of our favorite ways to reach better circulation is very simple. Elevate your legs! You know the ‘ol get home and throw your feet up, well, actually go do it!

Elevating your legs really gets the blood pumping into your legs after witting all day ad work, for example. Sitting for longer extended periods of time can cause your blood to pool in your legs instead of making it’s way back to your heart. When you elevate your legs above your heart, this can really get blood moving quickly for immediate results!

Here’s a few ways to get your legs up!

  • Lay on the couch when you are watching TV and put some pillows under your legs
  • Use an ottoman or chair to get your legs of the ground when sitting on the couch.
  • When laying on your bed, add a pillow under your knees/legs
  • Yogis may know this last trick, lie on your back on the floor and put your butt against a wall. Raise your legs up onto the wall, almost like you are sitting on the way. Put a pillow under your head and relax, this feels great!!

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