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5 Ways to Help Improve Blood Circulation

Looking for some ways to get that blood pumping? Blood circulation is so important, especially with the computer age, where many of us lead sedentary lifestyles.

We have compiled a list of ways to get that blood flowing again! Try and incorporate some of these into your lifestyle!

  1. Cardio! Biking, hiking, running, speed walking, swimming – there are so many options here to fit most lifestyles. The key is to get your heart going and pumping. A slow walk won’t do the trick as well as a very speedy walk, for example!
  2. Get a massage! Massage therapy manipulation can help send blood through the congested or poorly circulated parts of your body. Massage also relieves muscle discomfort and tension – which can help overall with better blood circulation.
  3. Quit smoking! This one seems obvious, but it’s true, smoking has a big effect on circulation in the body. Often you will see smokers with discolored hands and/or feet. Smoking is usually the culprit here, not allowing proper blood flow to the extremities.
  4. Start using compression gear! these can be used when moving or when sitting. They help compress for better blood flow. They are typically fairly inexpensive and can be a quicker way to start this list. These can also reduce swelling, prevent blood clots and even improve venous diseases as well!
  5. Take a nice warm bath! Baths are not only a great way to unwind, but they can have benefits with blood flow too. Soaking in warm water can expand your veins and arteries, which then in turn improves blood flow. Adding some relaxing smelling epsom salt will also alleviate muscle tension, which as we mentioned before can also improve blood flow. Lights some candles to destress and try soaking for a minimum of 20-30 minutes!

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