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Onions for Better Circulation

Onions are an amazing source of flavonoid antioxidants, which can really benefit your heart health!

These flavonoids have a very important role in protecting of the cardiovascular system. Here’s what they can do; they can lower your blood pressure, they can improve your blood vessel flexibility and strength, they can slow down your bad cholesterol deposition into blood vessel walls, and lastly, they can inhibit platelet aggregation.

Onions, one of our favorite veggies, help improve circulation by helping your arteries and veins get wider when your blood flow increases.

There were many studies done on this, one in particular where 23 men took onion extract daily for 30 days, all saw a significant imporvement in artery dilation after meals.

Onions also contain anti-inflammatory properties! This helps because the reduced inflammation in veins and arteries improves blood flow and overall heart health.

Onions are very versatile, as you may already know! They can be on sandwiches, salads, tossing in stuffing, mixed with other steamed vegetables… the list goes on. By adding onions to your diet on a regular basis could boost heart health!

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