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Add Exercise to Your Holidays

This holiday season, make some room to add in some exercise!

Of course we understand, time is not easy to come by during the holidays.  Taking 45 minutes at the gym instead of buying your uncle a gift could be the last thing you want to do!

However, maintaining a regular exercise regimen is vital to the health of your veins, especially this time of year!

Moving and grooving should be fit into your daily schedule.  As best as you can – this will help you keep your circulation on track, which can really help your veins stay healthy.  Of course we aren’t saying go hit the treadmill for an hour daily, (well, you can if you would like!) but a daily workout could include the following:

  • A brisk walk outdoors (listen to holiday music!)
  • Lifting some weights indoors
  • Watch and follow along with a yoga video (youtube)
  • Watch and follow along with a 20 minute invigoration video (youtube)
  • Jump rope
  • Dance around the house while getting things done
  • Take breaks throughout the day to jog in place or do jumping jacks

If you have a friend or family member that can join in, it will make it even more fun!

More than just a way to keep your veins happy, this exercise time is a great way to reduce stress and anxiety, something we could all use a little of this time of year!

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