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Health Tips for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is soon upon us!

Typically that can mean for many people, family, friends, eating, more eating, sitting and watching football, more lounging and more eating!  Of course, that’s why many of us love it right?

While all of the above can be fun, this can get many people off a healthy track that leads through the holidays, until the new year, when we try and set healthy resolutions again.

This year, here are a few tips to try and stay on track with your health AND your circulation!

  • Try to space out your eating, eating in smaller portions throughout the day
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Try not to over indulge in the sweet treats
  • Get up off the couch and do 20 jumping jacks every 30 minutes
  • Go  for a nice family walk after eating
  • Exercise in the morning before the big meal
  • Eat breakfast
  • Skip seconds or thirds
  • Have your Thanksgiving meal earlier in the day
  • Be aware of taking in too many liquid calories or treats
  • Adjust some recipes to be healthier
  • Add lots of veggie related sides

Hopefully this list helps you stay on track this holiday.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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