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How Sitting Can Lead to Many Vein and Vascular Issues

As a follow up to last week’s blog about sitting vs standing…

Here are some examples of the harmful effects that may occur from too much sedentary time.

  • Varicose Veins

Sitting for long periods leads to poor circulation in the lower extremities. Your veins have more work to do trying to pump the blood up. If you’ve ever tried to pick up a dead weight you know how much more difficult the task is than when you pick up something of equal weight that’s alive, as a small child for instance.

Swelling of the ankles and varicose veins is a fairly common result of this and blood clots have been known to form as well, even in and around the heart. This is a very real, and common cause of very serious health complications.  It is called , in medical terminology, Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT). And  it comes recommended that you should never sit with crossed legs for an extended period of time.

  • Heart Disease

When you sit all day long, your blood flow slows and your muscles burn less fat. This can cause fatty acids in the form of cholesterol to build up obstructing the flow of blood to your heart.

The Journal of the American College of Cardiology published an article demonstrating that research has shown that when women sit for 10 hours a day they have a much greater risk of developing heart disease.

  • Weakened Muscles

This covers three important parts of the body

1, Weakened abdominal muscles

2. Weakened gluteus

3. Weakened leg muscles

Sitting for long periods makes varicose vein symptoms worse because of the increased pressure brought to bear on your legs.

Many other complaints may accompany these extended periods of sitting.

These may include achy or tired legs, heavy legs and what is known as “restless leg syndrome”. Other leg pains, swelling of the leg(s) as well as varicose veins have often been misdiagnosed as cosmetic problems. But that was in the past.

Today, we know that these symptoms can create medical complications that will only denigrate over time and the seriousness of the affliction will only increase. Therefore these symptoms must be addressed as early as detected or suspected.  Talk with your vein surgeon or get a screening to see what steps can be taken.

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