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Easy and Effective Ways to Reduce Blood Pressure

Research by the American Heart Association indicated that a third of American residents suffer from high blood pressure. The numbers could be higher when you look at the situation from a global scale. With a third of the population at risk of heart problems, then there is a need for educating individuals on how they can live healthily. Hypertension can be controlled by just changing lifestyle choices, using natural remedies and taking a healthy diet.

It may seem like both diet and exercises are overrated, but with regards to hypertension, it is advisable to consider the two. Processed meat, trans- fats and other foods in the SADS diet for many Americans are major causes of elevated blood pressure alongside other cardiovascular diseases. Deciding to take healthy eating not only lowers blood pressure but also prevents it from occurring in future. People who exercise often are at lower risks of getting high blood pressure and other cardiovascular complications. Combining physical exercise and healthy diet works best.

This information was certified by researchers at the University of Aukland after they reviewed 22 blood pressure studies. They concluded that staying active is recommended for people with blood pressure since physical activity lowers blood pressure.

Many studies have proven that a vegetable and fruits rich diet can reduce high blood pressure considerably. Fiber is also crucial. It is a well-known fact that healthy diet accompanied by physical activity goes a long way in reducing excess weight. A three-year study showed that individuals who shed off ten pounds ended up reducing their high blood pressure risk by two-thirds. Therefore, if you shed off a few extra pounds and exercise often, you have practically bid blood pressure goodbye.

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