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Vein Disease Signs to Look Out For

Vein Disease – Alarming signs that shouldn’t be ignored:

You will need to see a health practitioner if you experience the following symptoms:

  •  Excessive pigmentation of the skin around the ankle and lower leg, the area becomes darker than the other parts.
  • The skin thickens and hardens, and it may also itch, appear scaly, and irritated, like in eczema.
  • A wound on the skin, not caused by an injury and may discharge fluid or pass.
  • Sometimes a deep vein clot may be the cause of varicose vein, a condition known as deep vein thrombosis.

Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) occurs in the large veins that run through in the calves and thighs. Surprisingly, DVT can occur without any signings. The most common symptom is inflammation in one calf. You need to see your doctor immediately if you experience a sharp pain that originates from the calf, redness, and soreness at the back of the leg below the knee, the patch may also feel warm. DVT can be dangerous since the clotting can break off and move to the lungs. However, most varicose veins are not related to DVT.

A visit your trusted board certified vascular surgeon is a good idea if you experience the following symptoms;
–  Cramping of the muscles and restless legs, especially at night
–  Bleeding of a varicose vein
–  Enlarged vein with burning and throbbing sensation
–  Painful, stout legs that are usually relieved when raised for a minimum of 15 minutes
–  Swelling around the ankle and lower leg
–  Excessive redness in legs
–  Tingling in legs
–  Numbness in legs

Patients may become used to varicose veins symptoms that they may think it is normal.  So please call the office if you have any questions about symptoms you may be experiencing.  888.553.8346

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